How To Get Free Hair


Step 1 Contact us to get your specific coupon code and desired hair

Step 2 Share the code to your social media channel.

Step 3 Invite your friends to use the code.

Step 4 The more people using the code, the more bundles you will get.

EXCHANGE RULES You can exchange for bundles of any types between 8-20 inch.

Get 1 bundles hair weave, if 4 FRIENDS use your coupon code.

Get 2 bundles hair weave, if 7 FRIENDS use your coupon code.

Get 3 bundles hair weave, if 9 FRIENDS use your coupon code.


We calculate the amount of the applied coupons at the end of every month. Once your coupon has reached the required amount of an exchange, we would inform you immediately and ship the bundles to you at the beginning of next month. If you do not use up your credit during one exchange, you can accumulateit till the next time it reaches the required amount to exchange for more free bundles.

Get $10-$50 CASH BACK After receive the hair you ordered
Share the hair on your Instagram/FaceBook/TikTok/YouTube/Twitter.
@kisslovehair in your posts.
Each get at least 30 likes, then send screenshots of your order (on the website or order confirmation email either is fine) and your post or video to us:
We will contact you for the cash back after checking through.

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