Review Hair To Get $600 Gift Card

Two Steps To Get Gift Card

Step 1: Leave a review for the hair you ordered on our site.

Step 2: Upload a review on your social media (FB, IG, YouTube, TikTok)


How Much Gift Card You Will Get? 

Review on YouTube:

$10 gift card for a review video on YouTube

$20 gift card for the video views more than 300

$60 gift card for the video views more than 1000

$100 gift card for the video views more than 2000

$600 gift card for the video views more than 10000

Review video requirement:


Review on Facebook or Instagram:

$5 gift card for 1 story

$10 gift card for post 100 likes or 500 views

$20 gift card for post 200 likes or 1000 views

$60 gift card for post 600 likes or 3000 views

$100 gift card for post 1000 likes or 6000 views

Review post requirement:


Review on TikTok:

$5 gift card for video 100 likes

$10 gift card for video 500 likes

$20 gift card for video 1000 likes

$60 gift card for video 5000 likes

$100 gift card for video 10000 likes

Review video requirement:


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