How to Distinguish human hair and synthetic hair ?

How to Distinguish human hair and synthetic hair ?

Afraid the wig you purchased isn't human hair? Combustion test to teach you the difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig.

Today we will teach you how to detect whether the wig you purchased is a real human hair wig!  

There are some sisters afraid of their wigs are human hair mixed with synthetic hair, so we not only have human hair and synthetic hair discrimination method, there are human hair mixed synthetic hair discrimination method.  

How to detect whether a human hair wig?  It's as simple as taking a few hairs and burning them.

1. Synthetic Hair After Combustion

Combustion test of synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is actually plastic wire. When it is lit, it will emit black smoke. After it is extinguished, the position of the hair top will form hard black ball, and there will be a pungent smell during combustion.

2. Human Hair After Combustion

Combustion test of human hair

Human hair is completely different. The human hair will not appear black smoke after being lit. After burning, it will turn into powder with a gentle pinch, and there will be no pungent smell.

3. Human Hair Mixed Synthetic Hair After Combustion

Combustion test of human hair mixed synthetic hair

We used 70% human hair mixed with 30% synthetic hair to burn. After burning, there was no obvious black smoke, and the smell of burning hair. However, there were more knots than human hair. Some knots turned into powder when pinched, and some were black hard ball. Therefore, there are both powder and black hard ball after the burning of human hair blended synthetic.

4. Other resolution methods besides combustion

human hair vs synthetic hair

In fact, there are other ways to distinguish human hair and synthetic hair without fire. For example, the reflection of synthetic hair is much stronger than human hair, which is very unnatural; Human hair can be directly colored with hair dyeing cream, but synthetic hair can't; Human hair can be shaped with high-temperature curling sticks or splints, and synthetic hair can't. But the most scientific and direct way is to burn it, and it will be known immediately after burning.

Using scientific methods to detect the material of your wig is the most reassuring method. Don't believe it outside by hearsay.

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