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Fast shipping no smell!!! Great quality even after coloring can’t wait to buy again!!!!!

i have nothing bad to say about this wig, 10/10

Everything about the wig is literally perfect & it sheds but not like an abnormal amount, it’s just perfect, u see me. get it lol i don’t even leave reviews but i loved this wig so many people asked me where i got it.

SUPER happy with this!

There is literally nothing I dislike about this unit or the experience. I cut in some bangs, then used bleach to put in highlights, and then water color bath with medium brown dye to lighten the black a bit and color the highlights the kind of brown I prefer. Came out beyond perfection as far as I’m concerned. Hair still feels gorgeous and soft and it did not fall out or break! ❤️

So much love!

I got the bone straight 20”. So look at how well it holds a curl!! I never get straight units. I’m not a straight hair girl. I ordered this one by mistake. I asked to check right after the order and they said it was BW so I shrugged. But it was a miscommunication (entirely MY fault!) because the other one I ordered was a BW. So it gets here and I pouted 🙄 like a spoiled princess 👸 BUT I wasn’t about to mess with the whole return process — so I decided to roll with it… and I AM SO GLAD I DID! Look how pretty it is! Look how good it holds curl! That is a bone straight unit (the straight pics are straight outta the package — just brushed it and cut bangs). I took a curling wand to on a Wednesday, and today is Sunday — and I been wearing that thing everywhere but to bed! And there is NO HAIRSPRAY no gel no mousse no NOTHING! All I did was curl it and cut some bangs! (I gotta have bangs.) I am THRILLED! Lovely unit for a great price. I don’t comment on a unit unless I absolutely am in LOVE with it so here we go! I am also reviewing the other unit I got. Very pleased with this company — thank you! I will be back — and sorry for pouting over my own mistake! 😆

Great quality

I order both straight and body wave .. love them both. Lace is perfect blends with the skin easily. Will be ordering in a bob style soon

I purchased this wig for my baby shower, I love it ! No shedding so far.


First time ordering on this site was nervous but it came just in time for my birthday I love the hair real soft my hair stylist even love the hair she kept asking where I order it from . No problems with shedding. my roots dyed by my stylist

Its length is real, very soft, and there is no pungent odor. The lace is so thin that it can melt. It's also hold to body wave! I'll order it again.

I definitely approve of this purchase. The hair is very manageable, super soft and does not tangle. Most importantly it looks natural and has a nice bend. The lace front is thin and blends perfectly with my skin, the hair is thick but not bulky.

The shipping is quick and comes properly packaged.So gorgeous! 3 bundles are definitely more than enough.

This wig is definitely a good purchase,no smell , minimal shedding , exactly like the picture

Love this hair & the color , perfect for my skin tone . The hair is soft and it doesn't sheds which is the reason I will be reordering

This is my fifth time ordering wigs from this store. It is no exaggeration to say that every wig is very good, and every time I get it, I am surprised! ! I am very satisfied, it has good hair quality, good curvature, very beautiful, the right length, no hair loss, almost no smell, and the lace is melted. As you can see, it is worth the money, so buy it quickly

This wig is very nice and in good condition, everything is as described, it's easy to wear and comb and it's 100% human hair for different types of hairstyles, I would recommend it, it has a great texture and I love it

Quick shipping! Excellent customer service! Can't wait to install for my wedding🩷

This wig was already super soft and true to length. When i water colored it, it took it in extremely well! It was super easy install and i had no complications and the color came out exactly how i wanted it. It still stayed super soft, there was no shedding and was easy to style. I love their hair.

Very good quality hair. It's full and thick. It is also easy to style. When I wear this hair, it looks very natural. There is no shedding or no tangling. It is very easy to work with. Loving the hair so far!

The lace is as thin and glueless as described,Quality is very good and the seller is so nice and communicated very well with me concerning my item. For the first time I got a good wig online. Thank you so much for my wig.

The hair is very good looking, the quality of each hair is particularly good, there is no odor, it is very smooth, and it is very natural to install!!Like the photo I posted, it was shiny and full,this is an excellent wig.I love its waves! Every girl should love this pretty wig!!!! This an honest review and you can trust me that you can buy this wig too without dissapointment! Recommend this store! Recommended to all!

Highly in love with this hair, the density is perfect. The knots bleached well. The lace blends in incredibly. The length is accurate, the hair is soft and shedding isn’t anything unexpected. I really have no complaints. Get this hair!!

true to size , little to no shed , losing last going and going to reinstall soon . highly recommended

The wig is great, good quality and density! Just as the description of the seller. I highly recommend

I got the 34inch. It’s so long and true to length ! it also comes preplucked and you don’t have to do much work to it! i honestly love this wig already !! and the seller is so nice and communicative.

This wig is just perfect! The lace blended perfectly with my skin. It was super soft and already pre-groomed so all I had to do was put it on. I also love the length of it. It was the easiest installation ever. Definitely worth the purchase